System 9

"Who Else Wants These Nine TESTED and In-The-Trenches PROVEN Personal Trainer Client Getting Blueprints Of a Multiple Six Figure Earning Fitness Trainer?

From: Bedros Keuilian
Chino Hills, CA

Dear Fellow Success Minded Fitness Professional,

Wouldn’t you like an easy, proven, and low cost system for getting more personal training or boot camp clients?

If so, I’d like to give you nine of my best tactics that have helped me, and hundreds of my clients take their personal training and boot camp businesses to massive success.

Best of all I’d like to give you all nine proven and time-tested client getting strategies for only $69.

What’s My Sneaky Reason For Practically Giving Away These Killer Client Attraction Tactics...?

It’s simple really... I want to WIN your trust

...because I know that once you use these proven fitness marketing and client getting systems that I give you to get more clients, make more money, and position yourself the top fitness expert in YOUR area you’ll keep coming back to me for all of your fitness business needs.

And the fastest and easiest way I know to get YOU to TRUST ME is to give you my most powerful client getting systems that work for dirt cheap. And once you try them and see how easily they’ll get you new clients... you’ll come back to me for all your fitness business needs.

It’s a win/win proposition... wouldn’t you agree?

But Before You Read Another Word Of This Letter I Want You To See What Other Fitness Professionals Who Have Tried My New Client-Getting System Have To Say...

Fred"Hi Bedros,

Well what can I say? Started out with 0 clients.... after purchasing System 9 I now have ten 1-year-contract clients! That is an increase of 1000% in just two months!! Sweet!


Fred Noten
Auckland, New Zealand

System 9 provided a break through for me. Until I watched it, I was new guy in the boot camp world with a decent website, boot camps starting in a matter of weeks, and no clients. Four weeks later, after implementing several of the suggestions in your video, I have two boot camps established, 20 people registered, and multi-month private personal training client. If that's not return on investment, I'm not sure what is. Many thanks! Keep 'em coming.

In Health and Happiness, "

Jon "The Captain" Quinn
Steve“For the past 10 years that I've been a trainer I relied 100% on referrals. Anytime I thought about marketing I quit because I had no clue where to start and a bad marketing campaign is expensive. But all that was before getting the System 9 plan.

Within less than an hour I had a realistic and affordable marketing plan that I was excited and confident to launch because I knew it was gonna bring me loads of new prospects and clients! I wish I could have discovered System 9, ten years ago when I first struggled with find clients. With my marketing strategies in place now I can focus on what I love and that's fitness!

Thanks Bedros, you’re the king!”

Steve de la Torre
Sent from my iPhone
“Dear Bedros!

I ordered the system 9 package a little while ago.
Just watching those videos completely changed my approach to marketing!

I expected to have maybe 20 minutes worth of content available to me just as a kind of teaser/trailer, but I got access to over an hour and a half of video footage, plus some downloadable e-books!

Before watching those two video clips, I was seriously struggling with marketing ideas and strategies. Truth be told, I didn't even have any, I didn't think I had the money for it. Now, having spent an hour and a half watching two videos, I have marketing ideas coming out of my mind like no tomorrow! The best thing is, I'm raking in the clients while hardly even touching the pittance I originally allotted to marketing!

This is without a doubt the best system I've ever come across!

Warm Regards,"

Vladimir Protassow,
Aesthetics Personal Training,
Melbourne, Australia
Kat"Some amazing eye-opening ideas in System 9.. I've been a Personal Trainer for 6 years and I wish I'd known this stuff when I first started, it would have saved me a lot of money and time!

The best part is the actual words to use to get clients, rather than a theory but a blueprint. Definitely worth every cent!

Kat Millar

Exercise and Wellness Professional
Alex"Before the system 9 - listening and watching.. (many times over i must add) I was lost in a sea of marketing this, marketing that. I am a great trainer and I pride myself on my application and knowledge for my clients.

What I was lacking in is this application and knowledge to aid me in the never ending worry of when the next check was going to come from. The System 9 principles gave me both the application and the knowledge to never have to worry about where my next check was going to come from.

I have put many of the points in place, and I can assure anyone, that if they follow what to do, you will reap the rewards too.

Thanks for helping me get rid of my headaches! "

Alex Fortey
Brandon"Hi, I purchased system 9 desperate for direction. At first, I launched my fitness business and the phone wasn't ringing. After I purchased system 9 and learned the different techniques that Bedros talks about I put them into place and Bam! I have leads.

I now do little fitness workshops for Chiropractors, the Saturday boot camp technique and the FitPro Newsletter. One month after I started sending out my FitPro Newsletter I had a prospect email me and ended buying a 4 month package!

Thanks Bedros. "

Brandon Roggow
Habitat Health and Fitness
Craig Smith"Bedros, Before system 9, my marketing was 'pot shot' see if it works junk. I would place a newpaper ad and pray it works and wait by the phone, only to get nothing (I would even test the line to see if was working) ha. My website wasn't productive, and I only dreamed of having boot camps that produced.

My sales copy had no call to action, and was dead.

Now, after multiple times going over System 9, I now have craigslist ads that produce! Climbing search engine rankings, #3 and growing boot camps in only 2-3 weeks. I am getting Dr. referrals and contacts. I continue to go back and learn something from system 9..I value the product just like it was my first born. Honestly, no exaggeration, my studio's survival is due to system 9,since we've only been in business for 9 months. I can't thank Bedros enough and aspire to purchase more and more of his wisdom. Bedros and his partners are the only real deal I've found. There are some imitators out there, take it from me, they're junk compared to his products.

My family thanks you.
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T "

Craig Smith
"Quite honestly System 9 is best $69 I have ever spent. Now I get emails from Bedros every day and his emails are the first thing I look for every morning when I check my email. His hints and tips have so far proved to be worth many hundreds of pounds (£) to me. If you are in the fitness industry you cannot afford NOT to subscribe to his emails.

Kind Regards "

James Bond
Nolan Fisher"Hey Bedros,

My fitness business was doing good - (i thought anyway) we averaged around $15,400 per month, until i came across your system 9 client getting machine! I was marketing offline & online, but not anywhere near the same dynamics as the system 9. I had a website and I had some brochures and cards......They were all put to shame after i watched and soaked up what the system 9 had to deliver!!!!!

I applied all the tip tools and tactics from system 9 and within 1 week we pulled in an addition 17 sign ups and $2,300 in our bank account. In week 2 we tripled that and pulled in 32 more members and an additional $6,300. This was due to awesome direct copy postcards and letters we sent out, plus all the online tips that the system 9 teaches you to be optimized in your local city/suburb for fitness, training, boot camps. Plus all the sneaky social networking tips, only the top 1% of trainers will ever know! We are now known as the fitness experts in our local city all within a month!

We did it within 1 month & pulled in over $15,300 extra income with the system 9 formula!

Cheers, you rock! "

Nolan Fisher
Sydney, Australia

Before Making Multiple Six Figures From My personal Training Business I Was A Struggling "Drone"
Trainer Working a Dead End Job In One Of Those Mega Health Clubs.

Back in 1998 I was a struggling trainer working at one of those MEGA health clubs in Fountain Valley, California.

I worked for the “man.” I was struggling because I was only making $12 dollars an hour with no hope for a raise. The health club kept all of the session price and just paid me hourly.

True StoryAfter a year of that I got fed up and quit.

I felt I had the entrepreneurial drive so I started my own personal training business. At first I started doing “in home training” but I started getting burned out quickly because all the driving from client to client was really taking a lot of my time....

Time I wasn’t getting paid for.

Then I started renting space at a smaller local gym. That was cool, I got to keep all the money I charged for the sessions. But I couldn't keep my schedule full if my life depended on it.

Those two years were an even bigger struggle than the year I worked at the mega club because my income had lost its predictability.

I couldn’t even get enough clients to support myself. I had no systemized way to market my personal training business.

I got clients by accident – randomly. And what’s worse I was WAY under charging (in an attempt to try and undercut my competitors).

Every marketing method I tried failed. And that was one of the most frustrating things of all. PLUS it cost me a lot of wasted money (which I didn’t have much of in the first place).

Before long I found myself working as a bouncer at a local nightclub... Thursday through Sunday nights were work as a bouncer by night. AND I was doing personal trainer during the day just to make ends meet.

That really sucked because I hated bouncing and the whole nightclub scene.

All I ever really wanted to have a full client schedule. Charge what I felt I was worth. And have a few reliable marketing systems to get clients when I wanted.

But instead I was a part time nightclub bouncer...

Then in 2001, through some dumb luck and desperation I stumbled upon a referral generation tactics that got me nine new clients within six days.

And the best part is it was really easy selling these 9 clients on my biggest programs because they came to me referred from two local businesses that they already trusted.

That’s when something clicked and everything changed for me.

It was like I had an Ah – HA moment!

At that moment I realized there are better, more predictable, and more low cost ways to market my personal training business than the money I had been spending on dead end print ads, postcards, flyers, and business cards.

Within the next six months I had created over 27 different client getting systems, strategies and tactics that produced new clients for me – some better than others.

Then over the next two years I tracked, tested, and tweaked each marketing system until my business grew to five fitness centers throughout north county San Diego, CA with a total 43 full and part time personal trainers working for me, and gross annual revenues reaching almost one million dollars.

Life is so much better when you have a predictable marketing system that gets you all the clients you need and want...

And Now I Want To Give YOU NINE Of My Best Client Attraction and Lead Generation Systems To Use In Your Personal Training or Boot Camp Business... I call these: “System 9”  

System 9

Nine of my best, most effective and proven fitness marketing tactics... here they are.

System 1
The Client Referral Generator

Your clients are the BEST place to find your future clients. However most fitness trainers fail to put an internal referral generation system in place. Now you can just swipe my system...

- In this module I teach you the system I use to precondition ALL of my clients to WANT to refer their friends, family and co-workers to me. Plus you’ll see actual referral generation emails and letters that I used and that YOU can copy for your fitness business.

System 2
Local Lead Multiplier

This is the system I used to get nine clients in six days from two local businesses. I later tweaked this system and used it with local Chiropractors, Health food stores, Day Spas, Massage Therapists, Hair Solons, and Tanning Solons to get tons of Ready-To-Buy leads.

- In this module I teach you how to partner with local businesses to get maximum referrals. And I teach you my script that I used to get these businesses to partner with me every time.

System 3
The Human Billboard System
System 9 Workshop

This client getting system was created by my good friend and business partner Steve Hochman, and it’s probably the most POWERFUL way I know to get QUALIFED leads for FREE.

- In this module I teach you two version of the Human Billboard client getting system. Version one is the original version that Steve created and you’ll get the entire script and psychological factors why this works so well.

- Version two is the email version that was crafted to generate hot leads just by sending out an email to your list. In fact this very system got one of my private coaching clients 20 new clients with just ONE email.

System 4
The Media Magnet

Getting your press release published in the local paper is PRICELESS. The media can give you instant credibility and position you as the top local trainer. But getting the local paper to write about you is about a easy as out running a panther... UNLESS you use my Media Magnet tactic.

- In this module I teach you EXACTLY what the media is looking for in a press release. Why 99% of most press releases NEVER make it. And Two sneaky (but simple) strategies to use to practically guarantee that your press release get published. 

System 5
The “three word” Magic Bullet

The name of this system may sound a little ridicules and over the top. But once you use it and understand how it works you’ll call it the “Magic Bullet” too.

- In this module I teach you the three words that will INSTANTLY make your marketing better. You’re paid for marketing will perform better. You’ll close more sales then ever before and your website will easily double the number of leads it converts. Just three little words... that’s why I call it the “Magic Bullet.”

System 6
System 9 Workshop
The Seminar Tsunami

Small seminars and workshops are an amazing source of new clients... IF DONE RIGHT.

- In this module I teach you how to structure your mini seminars and workshops to get maximum turn out and qualified leads. You’ll also learn how to get local businesses, church groups, women’s groups, rotary clubs and hospitals to invite you to speak as the authority on fitness and fat loss.

System 7
The Grocery Store Client Catcher

Every personal trainer I know does grocery store tours all wrong. Here’s the problem that most trainers face when trying to do a grocery store tour the ‘traditional’ way...

- First, grocery store has no desire to participate because there’s nothing in it for them. (with my system I teach you how to get the grocery store to practically beg you to do your tour there)

- Second, most fitness trainers have a hard time getting people to show up to these tours. At best they may get two or three people to show.) with my system I teach you how to get 12-20 people to commit and show up to YOUR grocery store tours.

Plus I teach you my method for getting the grocery store to register people for you. Like I said, you’ve never seen a client attraction system work like this. And when you do it like I show you, you’ll have people begging you to sign up for your personal training or boot camp program.

System 8
Craig’s List Lead Suction

FULL DISCLOSURE This client getting system works KILLER... B-U-T you may get kicked off of Craig’s list after a while because it does require that you break their limit (rule) of only posting once a day.

- In this module you’ll learn how to suck leads from Craig’s list for free. I’ll show you the “ads” that work, the sections to advertise in, and the number of times a day to post your ads. If you want your phone to ring off the hook with new personal training clients then use this system EXACTLY like I teach it.

System 9
Push Button Fitness Marketing System

System 9 WorkshopThe most low cost, effective, and predicable marketing system I know is email and newsletter marketing. The reason email marketing works so well is because it comes discussed as “educational and informational content” but when done right it get your clients to refer you more leads, and gets prospects to convert into paying clients.

- In this module I teach and give you actual examples of email marketing copy that converts prospects and past clients into paying clients. Like I said, email marketing is THE most effective marketing strategy for getting new personal training and boot camp clients because it's not received as “marketing”... it’s received as information and education.  And when you write your emails and online newsletter the way I teach you, you’ll start getting a ton of calls and emails from “ready to buy” leads.

Here’s what you’re going to learn through these nine proven fitness marketing blueprint tactics...

  • How to create a fitness newsletter that will pull in new business night and day
  • How to get “ready-to-buy” subscribers to a fitness email newsletter
  • How to come up with content for your fitness newsletter
  • How to have a super successful personal training or bootcamp business in less than 90 days using nothing but free marketing tactics.
  • Three little known and never-talked-about “sneaky” marketing tactics that can blow up your business practically overnight
  • The number one FREE WAY to market your training business
  • How to guarantee a steady income every month – no matter the economy
  • How to put your clients on automatic billing
  • How the get “ready to pay” clients from the top five internet traffic sources
  • How to get new clients from the internet WITHOUT lifting a finger
  • And so much more!

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7 Figure Formula
The Seven Figure Formula
($97.00 Value)

This video is from my sold out Fitness Business Summit live event. In this presentation I reveal the formula for taking your fitness business to 7 figures and beyond.

After coaching several fitness professionals to 7 figures (and doing it myself) I’ve figured out the “three prong approach” to the formula and in this video I give you the blueprint to replicate the system yourself.

Direct Mail Marketing Machine
Direct Mail Marketing Machine
($199.95 Value)

In this video I show you how one of my coaching clients generated $123,000 in personal training sales within 6 weeks from ONE SINGLE direct mail letter. The secret to direct mail success is getting the right message to the right market.

Apply this direct mail strategy to your marketing arsenal and you’ll start generating tons of hot leads for your personal training business.

Advanced Fitness Marketing Manuscript
Advanced Fitness Marketing Manuscript
($247.00 Value)

This manuscript is loaded with the most up to date, "whats working now" fitness marketing tactics, strategies, and systems once only available to my top paying coaching clients.

These pages are are loaded with so many killer client getting ideas that you'll never run out of ways to attract clients into your personal training or boot camp business.

7 Figure Formula
System 9 - Complete Audio
($149.00 Value)

Take System 9 with you anywhere you go. As a special bonus, and to make sure that you have the most cutting edge client attraction system on hand no matter where you are I'm giving you the entire System 9 program on easy to listen to MP3s.

Now you watch the video anytime you want, AND listen to the program on your iPod, in your car, or while you work out. Getting more personal training and boot camp clients has never been easier.

More Success Stories...

Ryan Saplan"I just want to thank you Bedros for the phenomenal advice and help you have given me. I am 100% confident that my dreams of becoming a SIX-FIGURE INCOME FITNESS PROFESSIONAL will become a reality thanks to the plan found in your PT business course. I encourage ALL fitness professionals to not only invest in your Business Course, but to put EVERY tip to use. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!"

Nick Holtzman
Fitness Professionals, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Gina Siragusa"Bedros,

First, I want to thank you so much for landing me a 2x/week client today! I recently quit my corporate job to follow my passion of joining the health and fitness industry. While I am absolutely enjoying making a career of doing what I love, I must admit the anxiety of living via sales is a hard thing to manage! I sent away for your "How to Close 9 of 10 Clients" Close Clients DVD and watched it today before one of my free evaluations this evening. Well, after putting your techniques into practice - I closed the deal! "

Gina Siragusa
Gina Siragusa“Hi Bedros,

Just wanted to thank you for helping me with my business. Using your easy to use sales methods I have been able to close more clients consistently for bigger packages day in day out.

I never thought sales could be so easy and so fun. Gone are the days of being afraid to ask for the sale. My average ticket transaction has gone up from $480.00 to $3200.00 per transaction!

Just this closing skill alone has added an additional $28,000 to my monthly gross revenue! Thanks for everything,”

Sam Bakhtiar
Fitness Concepts, CA
“Bedros, The your course and phone consultation were awesome. I got more great advice, helpful insight, and useful tips in one hour on the phone with you than I have in four years of college and two years as a fitness professional for one of the most prestigious fitness clubs in Las Vegas. You really are the BEST at what you do."

Donnie G. Smith
Gina Siragusa"Bedros, I have ordered most of your products. To be quite honest Bedros, I didn’t have to order more of your programs after the first 2, because I was so busy with the first few items that were making me so much money (right off the bat), that I haven’t had enough time to get to the rest of it!

Here's what I say to any trainer considering your products and services...Bedros Keuilian will take you step by step, and even if you aren’t that smart, all you need is to have good work ethic and adhere to his principles and you will pass your competition in the fitness industry at mach5 speed!

I can honestly say that without Bedros' intense coaching, none of this would have been possible.

Shaun Kelley
Huston, TX - Multi million dollar producing studio
Ryan Saplan"Let me talk results. Within the first 30 days I was able to close a 60 session package deal with a client of mine that I’ve been training one time a week for the past 14 months. Here’s the best part, she’s training 5 days a week for the next 12 weeks. Here’s an even better part. I still only train her once a week for only a half hour and to do measurements. My staff trains her the other 4 days! Also, I was able to sell $3000 in personal training that I don’t have to train myself! That is a huge accomplishment for me! "

Ryan Saplan
Fitness Professional For Life
Ryan Saplan"Hi Bedros,

My name is David Kazaka and I purchased your DVD. I am amazed at the information this DVD has provided me. I have closed 5 clients in 10 days!

I already got my investment back from the purchase of the DVD before it arrived in my mailbox thanks to the supplemental videos and script you sent me online. I am a believer and will be purchasing your PT Business Course in the very near future. Bedros you are an inspiration to the Fitness industry. Thank you.


David Kazaka
Ryan Saplan"I was going to send you an email but I had to call you up. I just close $40,000 in personal training in an hour and a half. "

Listen to how Andrews closed $40,000 in PT sales in under two hours

Andrew Stearns
NASM/ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Chef

Friend, I'm in a position to do something for you that no other person can... I'm going to give you the blueprints to create your own financially secure, competition proof personal training business – just like I did for myself and for thousands of other fitness professionals.

You get everything for a small, one-time investment of only $69. Best of all you get the entire program instantly in high resolution video tutorials which you can watch online or download directly to your computer. You don’t have to wait for shipping. Just click, buy and start growing your fitness business – instantly.

Money Back Guarantee

And you’re fully protected by my 12 month, 365 day money back guarantee. Like I said above, if you don’t at least double the number of hot leads you generate each month just call my office and I’ll issue you a full refund – no questions asked.

This is just my way of starting our relationship off on the right foot.

For only $69, less than the cost of one personal training session, you get all nine PROVEN and TESTED client getting strategies to take and plug into your business.  

System 9

Stop wasting your valuable time and effort trying out dead end advertising ideas that fail to produce results. Order System 9 Now, before you lose another client.
Click here to order now >>

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian
(800) 261-0208

P.S. Remember this is a proven system duplicated time and time again with amazing results. I’ve done all the work for you and I’m giving you nine of my best strategies to take your business to the top. Don’t wait, because this program WILL double in price very soon and you’ll miss out. Order System 9 now >>

*The advertised results of the success stories on this page and throughout this site are only typical of people who worked really hard and followed every fitness marketing tactic I've outlined in the prodcuts they purchase from me.